Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ad hoc Committee of Bangladeshi Community In Nigeria

Dr. Mizan Siddiqi                 Subrata Bardhan
      President, BCN.                    General Secratary, BCN. 
                                                     (+2347067275270)                       (+2348136570838)
Dear All

On 25 Apr 2011 The Bangladeshi community along with Indian Bangalee Community celebrated the Pohela Boishakh Program at Sheraotn hotel. After the program a quick meeting was held at Hotel Sheraton with all the present Bangladeshi Community Members( Mr Tara Saha, Dr Mizan , Dr Mirza, Mr Mahbub, Mr.Subrata, Mr Rabiul Afiz, Mr. Mesbah, Dr. Shanjad, Dr.Amjad and some of the family members) and following things were discussed:

a. All the opresent member agreed and urged to establish a formal organisation for the Bangladeshi Nationals living in Nigeria earliest and accordingly an Ad hoc committee was formed with the concurrence of all the member. The Adhoc committee composed of the following personnels:
a. Dr. Mizan Siddiqi - President of the Bangladeshi Community in Nigeria Association
b. Mr. Subrata Bardhan - General Secretary
c. Mr. Mahbub Khokon Polash - Coordinator, Kaduna state
d. Mr. Tara Saha, Advisor to the Ad hoc Committee.

It was also discussed in the meeting that the committee will continue its efforts to contact maximum Bangladeshi Personnels in Nigeria and there will be some state coordinator appointed in order to consolidate and coordinate with all the Bangladeshi personnel present in different states. Volunteers from different states of Nigeria is requested and contact the Ad hoc Committee for registration. We do hope that with a set committee we will able to help each other better.

Wish you all the best and good luck to the new Committee. I will also urge upon all to congratulate the ad hoc committee and encourage them in the noble work of establishing a Bangladeshi Community Association in the land of Nigeria .


Mr. Rabiul Afiz

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